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What Is Hydrotherapy 

In simple terms it is Water Therapy. It offers your pet a chance to regain mobility & strength in one or more limbs after an injury or recovering from surgery. It also offers your pet a chance to get some exercise, without straining their muscles. This is great for dogs that may have issues such as arthritis-making them unable to do things such as long walks or a run in the park. 


30 Minute Sessions 

$50-$60 + HST

60 Minute Sessions 
6 Session Package 

60 Min. $400-$500 + HST

30 Min. $300-$320 + HST

10 Session Package 

30 Min. $400-$500 + HST

60 Min. $650-$750 + HST

$75-$85 + HST

 Relaxation Float

For those dogs who's conditions are too far advanced to recover from. This allows for an option, where they can come and relax in the warm water to help sooth those joints. Please contact us for more details. 

*NEW* Swimming Lessons

Looking to get your pup used to the water before the warm season? 

$40-$50 + HST

Initial Consultation

$125 + HST

       In this session we will: 

-Gather general information about your dog

-Talk about their diagnosis from your vet

-Go over a treatment plan that will work best for your dog, as well as your budget. 

Our sessions are based on weight of dog. For exact pricing, please give us a shout! 
Fill Out the forms in advance to save time during your initial consult! 
Please note that we do require veterinary permission before we accept your dog as a client. Please provide us with the name of your vet and we will send them a consent form directly.  
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