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Our Story

Older sister Billie and younger brother Randy have a passion for helping dogs, so they turned it into a business! ​

When one of their dogs was diagnosed with arthritis in her back legs, it became hard for her to get the proper exercise she needed. Long walks and running around, turned into her not being able to walk without a limp later in the day. However, swimming never seemed to agitate her arthritis-but more help it. 

When mom Wendy made mention that it would be great to have a place to take her in the winter, the light bulb went off in their heads. After doing some research, they found there was nothing like this in their area. Billie & Randy decided to get certified as Hydrotherapy Practitioners, and after two long years of research and hard work, they were able to open up Puddle Paws Hydrotherapy! They are excited to welcome you and your pooch, and look forward to providing the help that you need! 

Meet Our Team!

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